Goddard Rotary Rocket Patents selection by Roger Gregory, I may have missed some.
produced from Goddard patents by pat2pdf

2395114 rotating combustion chamber for rocket apparatus
2395403 rotatable combustion apparatus for aircraft
2424610 rotating combustion apparatus
2479829 rotating combustion chamber with continuous rearward discharge
2500537 movably mounted auxiliary vanes for rotating combustion chambers
2507970 gas operated means for driving rotating combustion chambers
2510570 rotatable discharge nozzle for fixed combustion chambers
2515645 feeding means for rotating combustion chambers
2516462 double jacket means for feeding two liquids to a rotating combustion chamber
2518881 fuel feeding and cooling construction for rotating combustion chambers
2523655 rotating combustion chamber
2523011 cooling and feeding means for rotating combustion chambers
2526223 pressurized jacket construction for rotating combustion chambers
2526224 rotating combustion chamber with fixed jacket casing
2612750 rotatable combustion chamber
2532712 vane structure for rotating combustion chambers
2536599 steam operated rotating combustion chamber
2536600 rotating feeding and cooling means for combustion chambers
2536601 feed valve mechanism for rotating combustion chambers
2540665 mechanism for coaxial feeding of two combustion liquids to a combustion chamber
2544418 driving means for rotating combustion chambers
2544420 combustion chamber in rotating annular casing
2544423 liquid sealing means between stationary and rotated parts
2551114 two-liquid feeding device for combustion chambers
2555081 means for supplying liquids to an annular rotating combustion chamber
2563023 combustion chamber with multiple discharge nozzles appears to be an annular combustion chamber
2563026 opposed conical jacket wall rotary combustion chamber
2563029 jacketed reaction nozzle with hollow spiral vanes for rocket motors
2576678 feeding and mixing means for rotating combustion chambers
2591422 liquid fuel and oxidizer jacketed combustion chamber with axial conical fuel spreader
2518002 means for feeding concentric liquid sprays to a rotating combustion chamber
2599104 valve mechanism for rotating feeding head for combustion chambers
2602290 rotational fuel feed for combustion chambers
2633700 combustion chamber for propulsion apparatus and having multiple discharge nozzles